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Merkel: Unacceptable How Iran Continues to Talk About Israel

Stand for Israel continues to report that – despite the supposedly peaceful international nuclear agreement it has made – Iran continues to spew the same hateful rhetoric it always has. Now, The Jerusalem Post reports that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been one of the few world leaders to stand up against Iran’s hateful anti-Israel threats:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at a news conference in Berlin on Monday that she would welcome Iran’s participation in the ongoing fight against ISIS in Syria, however Iran’s attitude and slander towards Israel must change…

She added, however, that Iran’s opposition to Israel needed to change in order to facilitate a joint fight in the war against ISIS. “It is not acceptable how Iran continues to talk about Israel,” Merkel said. “It is a disappointment that there has been no change as far as the recognition of Israel goes.”

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused Israel on Monday of being founded on the basis of terror and continuing that legacy to the present day.
Author: Stand For Israel | September 2, 2015

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