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Why smoking is associated with lowered IQ

Some people claim that smoking cigarettes help them concentrate and think more clearly. However, this belief flies in the face of new research. New studies have shown that over time, individuals who have spent a great deal of time smoking, have decreased thinking abilities and a lower IQ. While scientist are reluctant to say that smoking causes a lower IQ, they do believe that there is enough evidence to warrant more study.

Smoking is believed to lower your ability to problem solve, diminishes memory and lowers IQ, especially for individuals that have smoked for a long period of time. Health professionals are not sure exactly why, but they believe that it might be due to the damage that smoking reeks on the blood vessels that lead to the brain and also due to negative neurochemical effects. These two parts of the body are also damaged in individuals who suffer from heart and lung disease. Smokers tend to suffer heavily from these two ailments.

Many individuals who smoke, also drink alcohol. Studies have shown that long term alcohol use, especially if it is abused, can also be associated with lower IQ and decreased brain function. So for people, who do both, there is really great potential for long term, poor mental function.

Smoking and alcoholism are two major medical conditions in our society. They are associated with higher incidences of death, chronic, serious disease and now lower mental functioning capacity. Individuals who smoke should understand all of the effects the act of cigarette smoking can have on the body. Until now, medical professionals only understood the physical effects that smoking had on the body. New avenues of research have shed light on other aspects of smoking and how it affects the both the body and the mind. Smoking can affects one¢s ability to solve problems, lowers memory and recall and decreased IQ.

Because smoking has so many negative effects, both physical and mental, it is imperative that individuals stop smoking. There are many methods that can be used to aid individuals in doing just that. Smoking patches, gum, counseling and medication can all be used to help curb withdrawals and help individuals stop smoking.

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