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What is Acai Berry?

The acai berry is noted for its¢ many health benefits. It is believed to help fight the aging process, protect the body against disease, builds up the immune system, combat free radicals and aid in weight loss.

Lest you believe that this is all marketing hype, scientists who have studied it concur with the above claims. This potent berry has been found to have nearly 4 times the antioxidant that blueberries have. Blueberries have long held the distinction as one the most nutritious foods on the planet. The nutritional benefits of the acai berry are even more impressive then that of the blueberry.

This super fruit has been used for many years in the Brazil. However, it has just recently become introduced to citizens in the United States. The response has been remarkable with this super food getting face time on some of the most respected and elite news programs in the country. Popular talk shows such as the Oprah Show have also done segments on this delicious fruit. With all of this fan fare and attention, many people are flocking to purchase it in both juice and supplement form.

Dr. Nicholas Perricone is in large part responsible for all of the attention paid to the aci berry. He helped introduce it to America by mentioning it his book, “The Perricone Promise.” Perricone called it the “world¢s best super food.” He made mention of the high level of antioxidants (which kills free radicals), the ability to improve the immune system, weight loss capabilities, anti-aging properties and disease fighting capabilities of the berry. These are some pretty tremendous discoveries. In seems that most people in the world are interested in becoming or staying thin, attractive, young looking and healthy. People in some areas are more able to pull this off. Many times this is due to the foods that a particular culture eats as well as their activity levels.

People in Brazil are known for their fabulous bodies and youthful looks. Some people believe that this is due in part to the types of foods that they eat, the acai berry being one of them. In the United States, we tend to have major problems as it concerns weight and disease. This is partly because our diets largely consist of processed foods and not those that are good for you such as fruits and vegetables. This wonder fruit is a fantastic way to improve one¢s diet. Those who consume it on a consistent basis are better able to lose weight, look better and become healthier. provides reliable reviews of Weight Loss Pills that offer free trials and suggests for easy and healthy weight loss.