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How to Benefit From Herbs

Garlic: Garlic is a very healthy herb. It has shown to significantly reduce the amount of fatty deposits in the arteries by up to 50%. It also helps to stop clots from forming. Garlic can easily be added to dishes to make them more tasty. If you have a problem with “garlic breath,” you may want to use a supplement.

Mint: There are many, many types of mint. The most popular ones are spearmint and peppermint. For individuals who are interested in growing their own herbs, mint is an easy one to grow. Of all herbs, mint is probably the one with the most documented evidence. Mints are fantastic for soothing stomach pain. They are also great for obtaining fresh breath.

Basil: Basil works well in helping to improve memory, and calm the nervous system. It also is an effective herb to clear the lungs, remedy ear aches and treat fungi infections.

Lavender: The herb lavender is known to help alleviate headaches and to help individuals who suffer from insomnia fall asleep. Using this herb in oil is a perfect way to administer it.

Marjoram: Marjoram is great for soothing and calming.

Parsley: Parsley is well known for it diuretic properties. It is especially good for women going through menopause who are retaining water. There is also some evidence that parsley helps to lower high blood pressure in very mild cases.

Rosemary: Rosemary is an excellent herb to take when one is suffering from poor circulation, headaches or memory lapses. It is also good for fighting bad breath.

Yarrow: Yarrow not only has bodily healing properties, it also is great in attracting beauty. Butterflies are attracted to this herb, making it a good way to entice them to your garden. Yarrow is also excellent for treating skin abrasions and cuts. It also helps to promote healing. Some individuals use yarrow to treat physical problems ranging from hemorrhoids to headaches.

Wormwood: When mixed with caraway or peppermint, wormwood can be used to sooth stomach pain and irritable bowel syndrome. It is best taken as a tea. It is important to note that wormwood has been declared unsafe by the FDA, due to thuione, which is found in wormwood and is dangerous for the liver.

Garlic, mint, basil, lavender, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, yarrow and wormwood are all herbs with outstanding healing properties. They are also all very easy to grow, making it very simple for an interested person to grow their own and benefit from them all year long. There is no need to purchase them expensively in the store, when you can successfully grow them yourself. Because many people enjoy having their food seasoned with herbs, it is really never difficult to incorporate them into one’s diet, which makes them incredibly convenient to consume. Be sure to add fresh herbs whenever you can and benefit from both their delicious flavor and their healing properties.

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