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This Tell-tale Sign On Your Face Can Predict Heart Disease Risk, In An Instant!

You probably don’t know because the doctors don’t talk about it, but there is one little mark on your face that can actually predict heart disease. It’s called xanthelasma and after 40 years of age, both men and women can develop this problem.

If you notice small yelowish colored bumps under the skin either on or around the eyelids, they are called xanthelasma. Sometimes it can appear close to the tear ducts on the inner corner of the eye, but sometimes it appears on the eyelid itself.

In most of the cases, people don’t know what message they carry, so they remove them because they find them unattractive. So if you notice them, consult your doctor because you may have some problems with your heart. If you wonder why they appear, they are in fact deposits of cholesterol and indicate that you have super high cholesterol levels.

Even though this is not 100 percent true, more than 50% of those with these tell-tale bumps have been shown to be in various stages of the development of heart disease.

People are not aware that they are a warning sign because they are small, cause no pain, soft and to not affect vision. That’s why some people ignore them, other have them removed and few people take them as a symptom of heart disease.

It should be mentioned that the increased risk was completely independent of obesity, high blood pressure, gender and smoking readings. Thanks to these studies, doctors can now immediately assess a patient who comes into their office and possibly prevent future heart attacks.

If you notice these yellow bumps or deposits anywhere around your eyes, make sure to consult your doctor immediately. Also try to do regular checkups because it is better to prevent than to regret.