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To the People of the World: Thank You by Boyd Ed Graves, J.D

To the People of the World: Thank You

by Boyd Ed Graves, J.D

As many of you are aware, we filed the final brief in the Freedom of Information lawsuit for full disclosure of the government's documents which connect to the 1971 blueprint of the development of AIDS. . (brief below)).

On May 15, 2000, the government's top AIDS medical officer, Dr. Victoria Cargill, confirmed the existence of the flowchart on HIV and some of the progress reports of the federal virus program.

The information was passed to Dr. Alan Rabson, Deputy Director of the National Cancer Institute. The flowchart is page 61 of the 1971 progress report, Dr. Rabson is listed on page 12 as a member of the DEVELOPMENT AL RESEARCH SEGMENT'.

On October 1, 2002, the archivist for the National Cancer Institute, Ms. Judy Grosberg, confirmed that all documents concerning the Special Virus program had been turned -over . Although Ms. Grosberg does not say who' the documents were turned over' to, it does again prove the documents do exist and are being illegally withheld, in contradiction to long standing U.S. law regarding government secrecy and the more compelling, the people's right to know..

In this specific case, however, even the most cursory review of (only) the sixty-pages preceding the program's blueprint, confirms the intensive effort to develop and implement this synthetic biological agent , a candidate human virus. See, e.g., U.S. House Resolution 15090, Part VI funding, page 129.

We again are seeking a Congressional review of the federal virus program through the offices of Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones
( Many of you are also aware we have challenged the Global Health Council, the United Nations and the Gates Foundation to no avail. If we, the people do not continue to read, understand and grow intellectually, our collective peril, as written, and well underway, will prevail.

Thank you for helping me to know and share the truth. Over 120,000 people now have the 1971 flowchart , tonight, so does the NINTH CIRCUIT.

Next week is the fifth anniversary of the discovery of the flowchart. We again ask that the review of the program begin in the PHASE IV-A section. This section of the program worked on all the inhibitors for AIDS before it was placed as complement' in the vaccine programs in Phase V (clinical trials). We believe the flowchart of the U.S. Special Virus program is absolute evidence of the laboratory birth of AIDS. Many of my colleagues on this issue have a whole lot more credentials than I do and I believe their opinions should be perused and they should be brought forth as a part of the review process. .

In June 1986, the National Academy of Sciences concluded that HIV/AIDS evolved from nazi sheep visna disease. See, PROC NAS, VOL 83, pp. 4007
4011, June 1986. In Aptil 1995, the y concluded that because of the nazi sheep visna disease in HIV/AIDS, sheep (not monkeys) were the best animal models for the testing of new anti-HIV/AIDS drugs. See, PROC NAS Vol 92, pp.
3283 3287, April 11, 1995.

In the 1971 progress report of the development of AIDS, the United States makes a key connecting medical confession. On page 39, the United States concedes that nazi sheep visna disease had not yet' been associated with human disease. The visna sequences in HIV/AIDS alone prove the iatrogenic origin of HIV/AIDS and the etiology area of the National Cancer Institute as its womb.

However we must undertake a dual task of the rapid implementation of the AIDS CURE patented by the United States. According to David Goldsmith, Spokesperson for the AIDS CURE patent holder, Rabbi Marvin Antelman
( , it only costs $10 million dollars to conduct double blind studies of patent number 5676977( TETRASIL/IMUSIL ) in Africa. The same efficacy study in the United States will only cost $100 million. There appears to be quite an interest growing in the African countries, a kind of do-it-yourself movement. I know that David Keane, Compassionate Response Network, will be doing the early trials of the AIDS cure in Kinshasa..

In the final analysis, and as a 27 month-recipient of the one time injection cure, I am certain a review and investigation of the U.S. Special Virus program will lead to accountability , in the areas of national security and government secrecy, relative to stealth, ethnic biological weapons of mass destruction, and our professionals who secretly support such anti-Constitutional practices. Moreover, I am positive the U.S. patented CURE for AIDS can make a difference. One CURE can make a difference; it did for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Boyd Ed Graves, J.D