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Written and posted by: "Alan Dicey"

This may be the most important thing you read THIS YEAR, and it is clear, precise and makes perfect sense to me. It's a good analysis; I am sure, of the big picture of what's really going

Have you ever wondered why world-wide progressives continue to stuff Muslims down the throats of western countries?

The most recent example was the attempt to replace Michael Phelps with a Muslim-American female fencer, who is already eliminated, by the way. The motive for the female Muslim fencer to carry the American flag in the opening ceremonies was to show that Muslims are just like all other Americans and that they are well-accepted and outstanding athletes, the glory of diversity.
The world is full of pro-Muslim propaganda machines.

But why, you might ask, do the progressive leaders of Europe keep covering up and minimizing Muslim atrocities, riots, demands, misogyny, Sharia Law, no-go zones, and massive social services costs of Muslim immigrants? Even as their own countrymen take to the streets to object, European Progressive leaders try to make anti-Muslim speech illegal and constantly
portray Muslims as victims, just like Obama.

I can think of four categories of Muslim apologists.

Barack Obama is a Muslim supremacist. He told us in his autobiography that he would favor Islam over America. Obama wants to unload as many Muslims as possible in America because he knows EXACTLY what they are capable of doing.

Most of Europe has a declining birth rate, the result of women choosing the workforce and the single life over motherhood. Muslims, on the other hand, pump out babies. It was the hope of these leaders that Muslims would westernize and become the workers of tomorrow that would support their aging populations. But these European leaders did not do their homework.

What I am about to tell you will be considered "hate speech" by some, but I have researched what you are about to read, things you will never see in a newspaper, a magazine, or on a network.

Despite a culture of 1.6 billion people, or over 20% of the world's population, Muslims have a DNA problem which precludes them from assimilating. Despite Obama's grandiose ideas of Islamic contributions to mankind, the facts are starkly different.

*There is a reason why there are only 3 Muslim companies in the Fortune 500.
*There is a reason why Muslim countries manufacture almost nothing -no cars, no airplanes, no military equipment, no ships, no digital devices, and no software. Without oil, all Arab countries together couldn't compete with Texas. Muslims build almost NOTHING.
*There is a reason why there are no world-class Muslim scientists, inventors, mathematicians, architects, engineers, musicians, athletes, or physicians.
*There is a reason why all Muslim countries together have accounted for only 8 Nobel prizes in 105 years, while tiny little Israel of 8 million people has accounted for 167 Nobel prizes.
*There is a reason why Muslims have killed almost 700 million people in wars of conquest in the last 1400 years.
*There is a reason that despite all that oil, Muslims remain poor and uneducated.

Here is the reason:

Half of all Muslims worldwide are inbred, the product of first cousin marriages. In some countries, like Pakistan, 70 % of marriages are between first cousins. This lack of non-Muslim DNA guarantees a high level of DNA mutations, recessive gene penetration, birth defects, high infant mortality, and poor intellectual functioning. This DNA problem is built into Islam by their religious beliefs, which sanction incest, child brides, arranged marriages, and pedophilia.

Whether you have a moralist view of incest or not, the facts are that if you marry blood kin, your children are more likely to be dull intellectually. That this is a crucial factor can be seen by comparing the intellectual capacities of similar size cultures like the Chinese, who do not sanction incest.

Eight hundred million Muslims, or 60%, are illiterate, compared with only 20% in Christendom.
The fifty-seven Muslim majority countries have an average of only one college or institute of higher learning for every 2.3 million people, whereas India (mostly Hindus), with a similar population, has thirteen times that number.

American laws against incest mean nothing if not enforced, just like our immigration laws mean nothing. A recent study showed that British Pakistanis accounted for 3.4% of all births but 30% of all British children with recessive genetic disorders.

The prophet Muhammad married cousins, but don't say it out loud. Look at these numbers.
*70% of Pakistanis are inbred.
*67% of Saudi Arabians are inbred.
*64% of those living in Jordan and Kuwait are inbred.
*63% of Sudanese are inbred.
*60% of Iraqis are inbred.
*54% of Muslims in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are inbred.
*25 - 30% of those in Turkey are inbred.
*In England, at least 55% of Pakistani immigrants are married to their first cousins.
*In Denmark the number of inbred Pakistani immigrants is around 40%.

Massive inbreeding in Muslim culture has done VIRTUALLY IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE to the Muslim gene pool, including extensive degrading to Muslim intelligence, sanity, and health.
I would think that the Brits would recognize this since the British Royal family had the same problem for a while, as did ancient Egypt.

In other words, the problem is not just Radical Islam. The problem is Islam itself, which promotes DNA abnormalities that inhibit Muslims from competing with westerners or Asians intellectually or physically, or assimilating into western societies. Not every Muslim is equally affected, but it is hard to deny the consequences of Muslim incest.

Islam is a culture of violence, currently killing in 92 countries. No Ph.D.’s are required to kill. Islam has never been peaceful. In fact, it is the most violent culture in history. Muslims do not go to a western country to adopt the culture in that country or assimilate in any way. Their culture of violence, misogyny, jihad, conquest, and religious fanaticism is still back there in the 8th century, built in by their scripture.

No one should be surprised that Muslims hate and kill Christians and Jews. They have been doing this for centuries. Yet progressives always characterize Muslims as victims.

Progressives often use the word "diversity" yet they fail to see that it is the Muslim's lack of diversity that is the problem, not the lack of enthusiasm for diversity in western countries.
Westerners will marry anybody and have sex with anybody. In general, Muslims don't marry non-Muslims except under specific rules, but Muslim men are allowed by their religious beliefs to rape non-Muslim women. European leaders should have known all these things. Sir Winston Churchill described Islam as retrograde civilization 80 years ago, but Cameron ignored him. Many people want you to stay ignorant of Islam. That's why they invented Muslim hate speech.

The billionaire global progressives like George Soros, whose agenda is open borders and global government by progressive elites like him. These behind the scenes folks have the same goals as Obama, but different endpoints. Obama wants Muslims to control the world. The elite global progressives know that Muslims couldn't control a birthday party without western arms and
technology. However, Muslims are the perfect tool to weaken western countries, a chief goal of these wealthy and powerful people.

Muslims can do the dirty work of breaking down the foundations of western civilization. In fact, they are a near-perfect machine for disruption. In relatively small numbers they can bring a country down through fear, terrorism, economic collapse, and anarchy---basically what is happening in Europe.

Once western countries have been degraded by Muslims, these global elites will do to Muslims exactly what Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot did to any group that threatened their power. Don't kid yourself. Since Sharia Law is incompatible with secular government, Muslims will be driven back to all-Muslim countries or exterminated.

Elite Globalists knew all along that Muslims could not assimilate or protect themselves from modern weapons. Muslims want caliphates, not shared power with the likes of George Soros.

This group is largely clueless of the goals of people like George Soros and Hillary Clinton---power and money. Many have lost their ability to recognize any enemy, preferring to believe that all people can live in peace. Many in Obama's administration still claim that if you be nice to Muslims, they will be nice to you.
Iran is still laughing all the way to the bank. Any person knowledgeable in World history would laugh at this progressive delusion.

Americans in the GLBTQ lobby are just now figuring out what Muslims have in store for them. Most progressives are completely unaware of the history of Islam, as well as the root cause of their retrograde civilization. They refuse to recognize that America has nothing to gain from Muslim DNA. Many progressives have bought into the diversity concept, seeing Islam as
just another culture that will enrich America. With what? They will bring violence, death, demands, and riots.

It's in their DNA. It's built into their religion. They have no intention of changing. There is zero upside to Muslim immigration. Muslims will keep poking that hijab in our face until we accept it, assisted by clueless American progressives.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of Islam, but they are not entitled to their own facts.

I will send you this very same article in five years and we shall see what happened!
With Best Regards,
God Bless,
Plantation, Florida
I pray for Divine Intervention every day!
Posted by: "Alan Dicey" <>