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A blog are your personal thoughts, you could write on anything. But yes it’s read. They are personal just till you click on the ‘send’ or the ‘submit’. It is personal only when it’s in your mind and your computer, as soon as it gets online they are read by hundreds if not thousands. But that should not stop you or deter you from expressing yourself freely. A blog gives you the platform and provides you with that ‘personal space’ on the net. You have your own space to tell the world or the online audience your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Though this medium today is used I feel more as a marketing gimmick. Any blog you read and it gives you a feeling that they are thrusting or shoving something down your throat. It is a very effective e-Marketing tool. All your products and your company philosophy can be advertised effectively. A blog can be made very interesting because there are no guidelines to follow. You can take the serious approach or you can make it as humorous as possible. A blog does not feel clichéd. Every individual is different from the other and his thoughts and how they come across differentiates one blog from the other.

Every writer has his own adopted style of writing. Sometimes when you regularly read some individual’s blog you can the next time almost predict his writing. That is the best part of a blog they are individuals with their own niche identity. Blogs are written spanning any topic. You could write from learning to entertainment to the smallest happening of the day. As long as you make it interesting and fun. Sometimes you don’t even need to that. You can just jot down your thoughts just the way you’re thinking without jazzing them up. Because a blog is your personal space for you to write the way you want to.

We at Cosmos Creatives also undertake blog writing as one of our services. They could be your thoughts with our words. They say ‘content is king’ but we are humble and so is our content. Our blogs are based entirely on your thoughts and feelings. We are just there to give your thoughts a voice through our words. But ofcourse it is all about you and how comfortable you would be. You could also just write it and we could edit it for you so that what you are trying to convey is conveyed ‘the right way!’

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