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Cosmetic surgery has taken a new perspective and has a whole new meaning with our celebrities (Hollywood and Bollywood) today opting for it like a necessity. Sometimes they are not even done for correction. These surgeries, no doubt, change the look. The minor change which makes a major difference.

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery, breast lifts, breast reduction, breast implants and liposuction are the most commonly opted for cosmetic surgeries. One does not necessarily have to be fat for a liposuction; cellulite could also be due to fatty deposits. Sometimes on losing too much of weight the skin starts sagging and falling loose. No amount of exercise or gyming (does not exist in the dictionary but seems apt) can help sagging or loose skin. Only the removal of fat like a tummy tuck or a thigh lift can alter the situation and can reduce the appearance of cellulite to an extent.

If one can one should avoid weight gain in the first place, though ofcourse it is sometimes genetic and sometimes there are reasons like hyperthyroidism that can’t be prevented. In a study reported in the journal Clinical Endocrinology, the researchers studied 162 people with hyperthyroidism for six months. Those who already were overweight, whose hyperthyroidism was caused by Graves Disease, or who had lost weight prior to diagnosis all had similar amounts of weight gain, which was approximately 5 to 5.5 kg (11 to 12 pounds) over the six months during which they were treated with antithyroid drugs for radioactive iodine. There are some unavoidable reasons.

Liposuction is kind of a cosmetic surgery performed to remove localized fat deposits from different parts of the body. You can aim at a specific area and have fat removed. This kind of fat is difficult to lose with dieting or exercise. Though there is a false notion that liposuction is a treatment for obesity. This surgery is primarily performed to remove fatty deposits or loose sagging skin from a particular area. There is enough skin left back which does not disrupt the body configuration and adds value to the body silhouette.

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