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Calf Augmentation

Calf implants are as common as any other surgery. They help enhance body shape and structure. Who wouldn’t want more shapely calves? Calf implants though are carried out for enhancement of beauty, most often than not they are carried out for medical reasons. This is one instance in which you can’t pull someone’s leg coz its serious business, calf implantation. It is suppose to be one of the most painful surgeries as stated by some. Unlike the other plastic or cosmetic surgeries this surgery requires stronger pain killers and the recovery period is accompanied with excruciating pain.

Today we have professionally qualified surgeons with years of experience to prove that these surgeries though are a little more painful than the other surgeries, we still have people opting for it in abundance. Our surgeons make sure that you are as comfortable as possible. You could visit our Beverly Hills and Los Angeles centers for more information. As per the doctors the best surgery for calf implantation are a couple of techniques used in combination. We have had some remarkable developments in the recent years – the ball dissector and the hammer dissector. These instruments have made life and calf implant surgeries relatively easier and more comfortable. As stated these instruments help to prevent the occasional muscular laceration and the uncontrollable bleeding that were problematic with other instruments used by surgeons during calf implantation in the past.

It is important to know that only semisolid silicone implants are used in the United States today. One has to make sure that this is what your surgeon uses too. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reported 3,385 buttock augmentation procedures, 1,734 pectoral augmentations and 1,170 calf augmentation surgeries, though these figures are as old as 2002 and 2003. Today we have come a long way. When it comes to walking correctly on your own two feet there is no compromise. Calf augmentation surgery too has become commonplace.

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