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True Culprits of High Cholesterol

What if I told you tap water and homogenized milk may be two of the biggest culprits in skyrocketing rates of high cholesterol? Cholesterol is actually being produced by our own bodies all of the time as a natural mechanism to combat oxidation when our bodies are not well. Therefore, if we are not well, our cholesterol levels are likely to be higher regardless of what cholesterol-containing foods we eat. Avoiding eggs and meats may not be the solution, nor taking harmful cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Eggs are actually extremely healthy in moderation, being that they contain nutrients present at the beginning of life. Fats in meats are often harmful simply because fats store toxins, and animals not raised naturally have often been injected with antibiotics, hormones, steroids, and graze on grounds treated with pesticides and fertilizers. I believe two of the most harmful, and most common, everyday products we are ingesting that contribute to high cholesterol levels are homogenized milk and chemically-treated tap water.

The explanation is far more complicated than I will cover here, but basically homogenizing milk involves the breaking down of fat particles to such a small size that the milk looks nice and smooth with no chunks of cream, but the fat particles can permeate the intestines and end up in your blood stream. Fresh milk from the farm, assuming the cows have not been exposed to chemicals as noted above, with its cream floating on the top is natural and not a harmful form of fat. The larger fat molecules pass through the digestive system and are properly absorbed without entering the bloodstream. Studies have also shown that many of chemicals often present in tap water that were added to kill bacteria, such as chloride and fluoride, often react with cholesterol already in the body, forming a gummy substance that actually sticks to, and clogs, the arteries.

If you want to lower your cholesterol, which is not an easy thing to do once your body is not functioning properly regardless how much cholesterol you eliminate in your diet, eliminate homogenized milk and stop drinking and cooking with tap water whenever possible. If you can afford it, put a good filter in your bathtub or shower too or install a whole-house distillation system, as even bathing in chemically treated water is harmful because it absorbs through your pores and the chemicals in the steam are inhaled.

And don't think you can turn to bottled waters -- sometimes bottled waters are no better, as they can contain runoff from groundwater containing pesticides and fertilizers that are not removed and do not have to be reported. If the bottle says it has been purified by both reverse osmosis and carbon/charcoal treatments, it may be suitable. The best water available today for purchase is probably distilled water, which most closely mimics the sun's natural way of purifying water.

And one of the best ways to pull cholesterol out of your body naturally is by eating whole grains, which does not mean processed, enriched, bleached, chemically-treated white breads, white rice, white pasta, etc. that are virtually devoid of nutrients.

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