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What Do You Know About Diabetes?

Should New York City be allowed to ban large soft drinks? Michael Bloomberg, New York’s mayor, and the New York City Department of Health think it’s an important step in fighting the diabetes epidemic. Many people disagree. But do most folks (and do you?) really understand the seriousness of the diabetes conundrum? Take this quiz for more insight.

(The answers are below.)

A resident of New York City dies of diabetes-related causes every:

a. 36 hours b. two weeks c. 90 minutes d. 24 hours

The number of New Yorkers with diabetes:

a. 100,000 b. 200,000 c. 400,000 d. 650,000

Studies show that during the past 20 years, the rate of type 1 diabetes in children under the age of 5 has increased:

a. 10 percent b. 30 percent c. 50 percent d. 70 percent

According to experts, how many Americans will have diabetes by 2025?

a. 13 million b. 33 million c. 43 million d. 52 million

Which of the following can significantly increase your risk of diabetes?

a. The phthalates (plastic lining) used in all aluminum soda cans b. Lack of vitamin D c. Being overweight d. All of the above

The answers are: c, d, d, d and d.