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Vitamin C Helps Vitamin E Keep You Healthy

If you take vitamin E, taking vitamin C at the same time boosts E’s benefits. Research on smokers shows that vitamin E helps protect lung tissue and that vitamin C keeps E working longer in its protective role.

"A lot of nutrition research in the past has been done by studying one nutrient or another in isolation, sometimes with conflicting results," said Maret Traber, a professor of nutrition at Oregon State University. "What this and other studies like it are showing is that the protection we get from proper diet or supplements often comes from combinations of nutrients working together. This has implications not only for smokers but also for many other people."

When you take vitamin E, you should take natural vitamin E which is more readily used by the body than the synthesized version.

"What (our research) clearly shows is that to perform their vital roles, vitamins C and E work together," Traber says. "They have a synergistic effect that will not be gained just by intake of one or the other, and adequate levels of these nutrients is especially important for people who smoke."