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Video proof that our thoughts create reality

(NaturalHealth365) Do you believe that your thoughts can create a physical reality? It’s often said that we have about 60,000 thoughts per day and that most of those thoughts are damaging to our health. When you think about it – it’s such a powerful, yet simple concept to appreciate.

Where do these thoughts come from? Can I improve the quality of my thoughts? And, will this really improve the quality of my life?

According to Lousie Hay, “what we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us. Every thought we think is creating our future”. I’m not so sure about any “future” ideas – but I am certain that thoughts and feelings do effect every (present) moment that we experience. So, how do we create the life of your dreams?

Achieve spiritual wellness with a deeper understanding of the subconscious mind

Our subconscious mind guides about 95 percent of our habits and behaviors. From birth to six years old, our life experiences create a belief system that gets stored in our subconscious mind. This information, if left uninterrupted, runs the rest of our lives. Naturally, this is not a problem – if you were raised in a perfect environment. But what if you want to make some changes in your life?

Dr. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., internationally recognized cellular biologist and author of “The Biology of Belief” says, “the subconscious mind is a MILLION TIMES more powerful a processor of information than is the conscious mind.” So, the question is, can we reprogram our subconscious mind? And, the answer is, absolutely!

Video proof that your mind is powerful beyond belief

If you are feeling a lack of love, money is evil or low self-esteem issues then you need to consider reprogramming your subconscious mind. First, recognize your self-imposed, destructive thoughts. Then, you may want to try and use positive affirmations to help improve the quality of your life – one thought at a time. Remember, there are two prerequisites for change:

1. You must have a methodology, program or system to change your life.

2. You must have a strong belief in the probability of your success.

Muhammad Ali once said: “I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest.” Be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams and good things will happen.

The power of thoughts and words

Positive affirmations are a perfect methodology for change and you just need to supply the belief. Without belief, you cannot change. Open your mind to the endless possibilities that exist in your life. Then, prepare yourself for the greatest journey you’ll ever take.

Still doubting?

Let’s get rid of those doubts because they will only be the roadblocks to your new life. In order for you to realize your dreams, start by asking yourself, “what am I thinking and saying to myself every day?” Are those thoughts and words aligned with what I really want in life?

Aristotle once said: “We are what we repeatedly do”.

A basic guide to using positive affirmations

Repeat a simple, short phrase that is easy to remember. Say these words anytime you like for as often as you like. Try it when you are walking, driving, waiting in line, etc. Avoid tension or negative thoughts that diminish the effectiveness of your desired goal. Always state your phrase in the present tense.

Here are some examples of positive affirmations:

“I am healthy and fit”. “Wealth is pouring into my life – every day”. “I have a lot of energy”. “I have a wonderful job”. “I am surrounded by love”. “Everything is getting better every day”.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that positive thinking is the end all. But, with a healthy mindset – we are much more likely to create great things in our life. And, of course, let’s not forget the value of faith in our divine creator; a healthy diet and lifestyle choices. My main message is simple – don’t settle for anything less than a great life – because YOU deserve it! (please share your thoughts below)

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