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Supreme Court ruling: You need ID to buy beer, but not to register to vote

(NaturalNews) The U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that Arizona's state law requiring potential voters to show proof of citizenship while registering to vote is illegal. The court ruled that Arizona, like every other state, cannot add ID requirements to the federal voter registration form which simply asks the person to check a checkbox to indicate whether they are a citizen. No proof of citizenship is required, anywhere across America, to register to vote.

As the LA Times reports, "The Supreme Court threw out an Arizona law Monday and by a surprisingly lopsided vote, ruling state officials may not demand a proof of citizenship from residents who register to vote."

This may come as a shock to those who thought the U.S. elections process was fair and just. But here's why it's all being engineered this way: The federal government, which has been caught conspiring against conservative groups via the IRS, intentionally wants as many non-citizens as possible to register to vote. This is how the democratic party expects to win future elections. Their strategy is rooted in voter registration fraud, which is why no proof of citizenship is required. They call it a "voting rights" issue, laughing off camera at the fact that they are helping huge numbers of people who have no right to vote in America -- because they aren't Americans -- still vote in elections.

Remember: If UN election observers ever came to watch a U.S. election, they would call the outcome complete fraud. Nearly everywhere else around the world, voters are required to show their ID when registering to vote. This is essential to the integrity of elections, making it a key civil rights protection for all citizens. Without an ID being required, the door is open for massive voter fraud. That's exactly what keeps happening, year after year, in the USA... and it's happening by design.

U.S. government: Keep everything secure except voting

It seems bizarre that the U.S. Supreme Court would bar Arizona from tightening the integrity of its voter registration requirements. In an age of total government paranoia when we're all told, "if you see something, say something," and we're constantly reminded that security is desperately needed to keep America safe, the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court all but openly endorses widespread voter registration fraud is shocking.

And why doesn't the federal voter registration form require proof of citizenship to begin with? You have to show your ID to travel by air, to enter a state capitol building and just to walk down the street with a video camera because a police officer might demand to see your ID. But you don't have to show an ID to register to participate in what is one of the most sacred acts of any free society? Why is all security selectively dropped from voter registration?

The answer to this is that the idea of an endless expansion of Big Government can only be supported through fraud, not through real votes cast by real people. And in order for democrats to keep getting elected even as they are destroying America's economy, jobs, human rights and civil rights, a system of widespread voter fraud needs to be put in place. That's the federal voter registration form, which requires no ID.

And that's only part one of the plan to keep democrats in power, no matter what the cost to the nation. The other part of that plan is to grant citizenship to 11 million currently-illegal immigrants who have no connection to the U.S. Constitution and American history. Most of them will therefore almost always vote for socialist policies (and democrats) because that's what they were taught in Mexico: government handouts, obedience to Big Brother, subsisting in poverty while worshipping the ultra-wealthy corrupt politicians, etc. If you want to see the result of such policies, just take a trip through Mexico and open your eyes: mass poverty, runaway corruption, a nation ruled by armed gangs, abysmal living conditions and so on. A similar fate awaits America if democrats are allowed to keep running things. They will drive this nation into poverty while completely destroying the middle class.

With these two plans -- widespread voter fraud and the instant citizenship of 11 million undocumented immigrants -- democrats may very well be able to continue to hold power in Washington as they drive America into complete financial bankruptcy. But they don't care about the long-term impact of their actions. The only thing that matters to them is to stay in power and keep milking the system for as long as possible before total economic collapse arrives.

But there's something they've neglected to consider in all this -- something that will actually shift the demographics strongly away from Latinos in the next coming crisis. And that's the fact that Latinos tend to have little or no long-term preparedness or survival planning. Ever notice that nearly all the preppers and survivalists are white folks? And that the most (but not all) working-class Latino immigrants are extremely resistant to the idea of long-term financial planning, tending to live paycheck to paycheck instead of setting money aside? This has enormous implications in a collapse scenario. It turns out that white people are imprinted with concepts of preparedness and survival because they come from colder climates where surviving deadly winters requires long-term strategic thinking. I will discuss the demographic repercussions of all this in more detail in a future article.

In the mean time, rest assured that democratic operatives in Arizona and elsewhere across the country are trying to register as many non-citizens to vote as possible. This is their key strategy for the 2014 and 2016 elections. If you can't win on merit, try to win on fraud.

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