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The scientific links between viral infections and autism

(NaturalHealth365) Nearly everyone has heard of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and his discussion about the link between MMR and autism. The Lancet who published his study later retracted the paper and many say that the study was fraudulent.

But, there’s more to this story – if you dig a little deeper…

A 2003 study from Pediatric Neurology was NOT retracted and states that the levels of measles antibody that impacted brain proteins was significantly higher in autistic children than neuro-typical children. Researchers discovered that 83% of kids with autism had an antibody from the measles virus that was directed against a protein.

None of the neuro-typical children had this issue. Researchers also surmised that it might be a sign of an abnormal immune reaction to the vaccine strain or virus reactivation.

The Journal of NeuroVirology states that one of the causes of autism may be viral infections early in the child’s development. They state the best association was made between congenital rubella and autism however, certain types of herpes may also have a role in autism. In this journal, they listed both studies that showed support for and against the link to MMR and autism.

Exposure to viruses in utero has been suspected of causing issues during fetal neurodevelopment. In 2010, this was confirmed by a Danish study that included all children born in Denmark from 1980, through 2005. In this study, maternal viral infections during the first trimester and maternal bacterial infection in the second trimester were found to be associated with autism.

Researchers state that this increases the chances of having a child with autism by 40%.

Further the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative believes that polymaviruses are more prevalent in the brain tissues of people with autism. In unpublished work, the researchers have found that semen from fathers of children with autism are far more likely to carry polyomavirus than semen from fathers of neuro-typical children.

In the April 2013, Journal of Neuroinflammation researchers state that despite the fact that almost 100 gene mutations have been associated with autism, that they do not explain more than a few percent of autism cases. The researchers reported that many children with ASD regress at about 3 years of age and it is often after a specific event such as a reaction to vaccine, infection, stress or trauma.

Antivirals can help children with autism

ViraStop – This enzyme contains an exclusive blend of proteases that assist the body in purification and supports a healthy immune system.

Elderberry – Widely studied and known for its impact on Influenza A and B, many people are seeing benefits when giving this to their children with autism. It is inexpensive and effective – a wonderful combination.

Curcumin – This natural compound has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-carcinogenic properties.

CEASE Therapy – CEASE utilizes homeopathics along with orthomolecular medicines to treat people with chronic conditions. Using the homeopathic remedy that addresses the particular virus impacting that person brings about profound effects.

One boy who took the measles homeopathic in a variety of potencies would break out with measles around his butt and groin area. His mother documented this with photos as it happened each time the child was given the remedy. She understood it was necessary to get the virus out of the body and the skin was one of the ways to eliminate the virus.

Her son continued to make progress and with addressing his other issues: lead poisoning, yeast and gut issues – he is now a typical 6th grader and no one knows of his prior diagnosis.

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