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New vaccine will control human behavior

(NaturalHealth365) Conventional science want to control human behavior with the use of poisonous vaccine programs. Their newest “invention” is to inject smokers, even children, with genetically engineered viruses designed to infect the liver and force it to make antibiotics against nicotine. In other words, doctors will soon have the power to alter human behavior – on a genetic level.

The dark side of vaccination programs

Does this sound ethical to inoculate children with an artificial anti-nicotine antibody called NIC9D9? Think about it – if allowed – a few major pharmaceutical corporations would (legally) be allowed to permanently damage the genetic integrity of the human race. We’ve got to stop this.

This vaccine will be different from the others, which are meant to starve off disease by temporary means. In the past, all vaccines were designed to create antibodies against a particular substance injected – which results in the antibody production being temporary, thus the need for repeated doses. By injecting this life-altering virus, called AAVantiNic, the changes to DNA are permanent!

Hospitals and major corporations are ready to infect the population

The Scripps Research Institute has patented the “anti-smoking” virus – NIC9D9. So, in the near future, people will be walking around with patented antibodies from plants owned by corporations like Monsanto. It’s already happening when uneducated consumers eat genetically modified salmon and pigs. What is our world coming to?

The artificial anti-nicotine antibody was first tested on mice to see if it could interfere with nicotine metabolism in mice; it was a limited success because it wasn’t a permanent solution. That is why it was genetically engineered into a virus and then injected to intentionally infect the liver and it seems to be remarkably “effective”.

Does anyone want to be the first “guinea pig” in this human trial?

Modern science does not like informed consumers

Did you know that nicotine is found in nightshade plants such as, potatoes, tomatoes and eggplant? It is there as an active ingredient and has a place in human health. Mother Nature works in mysterious ways and we should never assume to know all the answers.

Nicotine is known for its promotion of blood vessel growth – which can actually help diabetic patients. In fact, a pharmaceutical company, CoMentis is testing a nicotine gel that’s applied to needed areas in order to boost circulation and blood vessel development.

There is a current clinical trial for two nicotine-related drugs, one is for boosting cognitive function in schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s patients, and the other is for pain. Nicotine may have potential for treating anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, Tourette syndrome, ADHD, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and schizophrenics.

Stop and think about the medical ethics of vaccines

If nicotine has some beneficial uses – it stands to reason that anything which limits that option should not be formulated. To target the genetics of a growing child in order to control future behavior isn’t the direction that modern science should go.

It’s a total waste of money and resources.

This kind of tinkering with human genetics should take us out of our comfort zone. Big brother isn’t looking out for us; and, come to think about it, tobacco is not nearly as dangerous as toxic chemical injections into our blood stream. What do you think? (post your comments below)

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