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Liposomal Vitamin C targets cancer cells

Vitamin C offers a safe alternative to toxic cancer treatments

The dismissal of vitamin C as a cancer therapy was based upon oral-dose vitamin C; studies are now showing that intravenous vitamin C has great potential as a cancer therapy. Now, it is possible to get the same results of intravenous vitamin C using “liposomal” vitamin C.

In this case, the vitamin is encapsulated in sub-microscopic bubbles called liposomes. This makes it a size and composition for the liposomes to slip through the GI tract unharmed and unchanged, so they can be readily absorbed by the small intestines, and transported to the liver through the lymphatic system. In the liver, the liposomes are metabolized and the vitamin C is releases into the bloodstream to circulate through out the body.

The beauty of liposomal vitamin C therapy

The encapsulating liposomes are made of “essential phospholipids” which the body needs, recognizes and sends straight to the liver along with the vitamin C. This substance has health benefits in and of itself. It is what cell membranes are made of and the benefits include lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol, improving coronary circulation, liver protection and regeneration.

There is no digestive activity prior to assimilation so there is no gastric distress, increased urination or flushing. This makes it possible to take a high concentration of liposomal vitamin C without harming the body.

Conventional medicine wants to “cover up” the benefits of vitamin C

In a study first published in 2008, for the first time, using a special liposomal form of oral-dose vitamin C, researchers in Britain demonstrated it is possible to achieve cancer-killing concentrations of this vitamin without undesirable side effects. This study was completely overlooked by the cancer community. The study was published in a journal cataloged by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), but articles from that journal can NOT be accessed at the NLM website.

The report was submitted for publication, then the publisher of the journal changed editors and the new editor tried to scratch the report from its publication schedule. When the report finally got published, the journal itself was discontinued and its articles were no longer indexed by NLM.

This is how good science is hidden from the public! It appears to be an intentional effort to hide the benefits of vitamin C for cancer patients. By the way, an (online) abstract is provided at the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine website.

A valuable lesson in life – always take responsibility for your own health

Remember, making your own decisions about what’s best for you – is always your best choice. The reluctance of modern medical doctors to offer vitamin C therapy to cancer patients means we have to find our own resources.

Researchers Stephen Hickey and Hilary J. Roberts, long-time advocates of vitamin C therapy and authors of the book “Asorbate: The Science of Vitamin C”, believe the use of repeated doses, and the special liposomal form of vitamin C that is absorbed in the gut and then into the liver before it is releases are key to making oral vitamin C therapy effective.

At the very least, this information should be public knowledge, and not tucked away – like a secret. Nothing seems to beat the healing power of nature and what’s needed is a medical community that supports it.

Liposomal vitamin C can be bought on the web and so can the items needed to make some. There are books, and videos posted online with the instructions on how to make liposomal vitamins. When the medical community refuses to come to their senses – nothing beats some applied ingenuity.