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Fresh pineapple mimics anti-inflammatory drugs

(NaturalHealth365) Fresh pineapple offers more health benefits than many of the so-called “wonder” drugs on the market today. Carefully designed studies have shown how pineapples compare to many of the pharmaceuticals agents. In fact, there is strong evidence that fresh pineapple can outperform many of the top selling drugs.

Bromelain is the magic ingredient inside pineapple Bromelain, the main component inside pineapples – is a systemic oral enzyme that has been used to treat problems ranging from sports injuries; arthritis; heart disease and cancer. Research published in the journal Planta Medica found that bromelain was superior to the chemotherapy drug 5-fluoraucil in treating cancer in an animal study.

Bromelain fights cancer in several ways including, reducing inflammation and dissolving fibrin. Cancer cells hide under fibrin to escape detection. Once the cancer cells are uncloaked – they can be seen by the immune system.

The prevailing thinking is that the fibrin makes cancer cells stick together, which increases their chances to metastasize and remain undetected by the immune system. The right nutrition can halt the growth of cancer cells

Dr Tracey Mynott a researcher at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane, Australia stated that tumor growth may be inhibited by as much as 70 percent after performing animal studies with bromelain.

The scientist at Queensland looked at two protein molecules found in bromelain and found that one called “CCS” blocked a protein that is defective in about a third of all cancers. The other called “CCZ”, activates specific immune cells that recognize and kill cancer cells. How can bromelain help the heart?

When bromelain dissolves the fibrin – it will stop blood clotting in the same way that aspirin is suppose to. Bromelain has blood thinning properties, which can help prevent and dissolve blood clots and plaque within arteries.

This means that pineapples are cardiovascular friendly, since it is the blood clots that ultimately block the arteries as they get closed off by plaque.

Do you want to get rid of arthritis pain without drugs? Bromelain seems to be effective as an alternative to acetaminophen and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in arthritis patients. It provides an option for those that used Vioxx or a COX-2 inhibitor. Keep in mind, the sulfur-based enzyme bromelain is one of the best researched natural anti-inflammatory agents.

In fact, a study in Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology found that bromelain is effective in easing the pain and discomfort of hip arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation states that pineapple’s bromelain produces effects comparable to NSAIDs for relieving joint pain. UK researchers looking at ten different studies found that everyone of them confirmed that bromelain provides health benefits for osteoarthritis patients. How do I get the most nutrition out of my pineapple?

Most of the bromelain, in pineapples, is found in the core and the stem. The core is the tough, fibrous part of the fruit. So, to get the most bromelain into your diet, take the core and juice it or blend it up in your next smoothie.

Here’s another great idea – you can drink the juice (alone) as a healthy, healing snack or drink it with other food to help improve digestion. Remember, enzymes are used to digest foods, and really need to be absorbed into the body to do their work.

You know what really makes pineapple so easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle? When you cut up pineapple (and refrigerate it) – it will retain many of its nutrients for at least 6 days. This was even studied in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry which found that minimally-processed, cut, packaged and chilled pineapple did not significantly affect its nutritional content after 6 days, sometimes up to 9 days. How cool is that?

Just a quick, little health warning for conscious consumers. Pineapple farming has led to more pesticides being used; they may not be part of the dirty dozen but the residues can’t be ignored. Naturally, it’s best to search out organic in this case. So, if you’re interested in blocking inflammation and improving your digestive system – try adding some pineapple to your next smoothie or salad today. (enjoy!) About the author: Blanche Levine has been a student of natural healing modalities for the last 25 years. She has the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds in natural healing including Naturopaths, scientist and energy healers. Having seen people miraculously heal from all kinds of dis-ease through non-invasive methods, her passion now is to help people become aware of what it takes to be healthy. Sources: