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Diabetes Myths

(NaturalHealth365) Type 2 diabetes myths are a nice way to say lies and misconceptions, which are either medical deception or stupidity. As, I see it this is probably a little of each. With an estimated 366 million of people worldwide who have this condition you would think there would be a better understanding of what causes it. The pharmaceutical companies have tried different medications to halt the disease. Notice how well that is working. Diabetes Epidemic The International Diabetes Federation described the number of cases as “staggering,” every seven seconds one person succumbs to this condition.

The federation is asking for concrete measures to stop the epidemic, urging officials focusing on chronic disease at the United Nations to target ways to prevent cases and to invest in more research. Yes, what we need is more research we don’t have enough already. We can spend the next decade looking for the magic bullet. It is estimated that health systems spend $465 billion annually fighting the disease. That includes both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. If that isn’t enough money to find the cause, which is right in front of their faces then lets go for broke. The abnormalities that they are looking for is in our food supply, the diagnosis and current treatment are not the answer. The key words are obesity, and addiction. Our flagging health is due to the deterioration of our food supply. Food orchestrates a complex balance of hormonal, neurochemical, and electrical signals. What makes us think we can face our deteriorating health with pharmaceuticals?

As long as we ignore the warning signs that all point to lifestyle, it will be increasingly difficult to stem the tide. Type 2 Diabetes Causes Warped thinking is what perpetuates the myth that the rise in diabetes is due to an aging population. Diabetes is thought to be a disease of middle age, with obesity playing a part in the development of this condition. Yet, younger people are now in this group. What is wrong with this picture? The global number of diabetics more than doubled in the last three decades according to a study published in the medical journal Lancer. We try to manage the disease with diet, exercise and medication. With all that diabetes still results in kidney disease, blindness, heart disease, more cases of cancer, and amputations. The problem with the picture is: in the last three decades our lifestyle has been altered. This trend started earlier with the advent of pre-packaged foods, larger portions, lack of sunshine, technology advances that translate to less activity. There are multiple causes and none of them are a drug shortage. Insulin resistance is part of the culture. There are very few people who aren’t affected by this way of life. This is becoming a world wide occurrence because we export our way of eating and farming methods. To say it is because people are living longer is an insult to our intelligence. Healthy adults who are concerned about what they put into their bodies are much less likely to develop diabetes. We are putting the cheapest “foods” on everyone’s table. Look at your parents and grandparents way of eating and you will notice a glaring difference. Virtually everything in most people’s diet was never eaten 40 to 50 years ago. We can document that insulin resistance is a product of our diet, no amount of research will change that fact. - See more at: