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Cell phone dangers go way beyond radiation

(NaturalHealth365) Cell phone dangers are widely known – yet many people get overwhelmed (and ignore) the health risks associated with wireless technology. To be perfectly clear, cell phones do emit harmful radiation which threatens our cellular matrix. These disharmonic frequency vibrations place a constant stress on our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

But, radiation is not the only thing bad about cell phone devices.

Are we breathing in toxic air from our cell phones?

There are chemical compounds used in the production of cell phones which pollute the air that enters our lungs; the water we drink and the food we eat. These vapors are spewing out of every mobile device on the planet. We’re talking about nasty stuff like, mercury, lithium, nickel, chlorine, bromine, lead, arsenic and cadmium – to name a few.

Funny how politicians talk about “saving the planet” – yet they use cell phones every day and allow toxic chemicals to be used in thousands of food and household products.

The Ecology Center of Ann Arbor, Michigan with took apart and identified components of 36 cell phones models – to find at least one of the above mentioned toxins inside. After dismantling over a thousand cell phones, they found most were loaded with a toxic soup of unwanted – deadly ingredients. You think politicians will help us to clean this up? (don’t hold your breath)

Do you think we should care about cadmium in our environment?

Cadmium is one of the most dangerous substances known to mankind. This poisonous heavy metal can cause lung and prostate cancer and is extremely toxic to the gastrointestinal tract; the kidneys; cardiovascular, and hormonal system.

By the way, the Environmental Protection Agency (EFA) recently decided to withdraw its final rule of adding cadmium to the “Toxic Substances Control Act”. The EPA recognized (feared) that this would create confusion and uncertainty within certain industrial sectors. Heaven forbid – we should warn people of any danger.

So much for trusting our government-sponsored, “health” agencies to protect us!

Nasty flame retardant chemicals found on cell phones

Brominated flame retardants are added to plastics to reduce the risk of fire. They are used in the printed wiring boards; cables and plastic housing. Brominated flame retardants are highly toxic and bio-accumulative within the human body. What happened to the “good old days” of regular (land-line) telephones?

Lead, a suspected carcinogen, is a hormone disruptor and capable of damaging almost every organ system in the human body – especially the central nervous system. That low-level anxiety you’re feeling could be a symptom of heavy metal poisoning.

Let’s not forget about lithium. This heavy metal creates environmental problems when exposed to water, which is present in most landfills. It can create underground fires, which are very difficult to extinguish.

Mercury accumulates in the fatty tissues of living organisms – such as fish. It is recognized as a hormone disruptor; neurotoxin; reproductive and respiratory toxin. Unfortunately, the inventors of cell phone technology couldn’t care less about human health or the health of planet Earth.

So, minimize your cell phone usage; use a regular telephone when possible and stay close to nature – it will never hurt you.

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