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Calcium proven to be a deadly supplement

(NaturalHealth365) Modern medicine is making a huge mistake, in terms of treatment protocols for osteoporosis. Conventional wisdom tells us that a ‘calcium deficiency’ is the main cause of osteoporosis. So, doctors have been brainwashed into believing that calcium supplementation is the answer.

There’s only one problem – according to scientific research – calcium supplementation actually increases your risk of death from all known degenerative diseases. In truth, when you look closely at the scientific literature, calcium supplements do not make bones stronger.

This loss of calcium, from the bones, increases your risk for arthritis, heart disease, and, even, pre-cancerous fibroids – to name a few calcium-related health issues. But, the important question to ask is ‘what causes this loss of calcium’?

Calcium is a deadly supplement

According to Thomas Levy, MD, JD, taking a calcium supplement is like putting a ‘fresh coat of paint on a rotten fence’. You may get a “better score” on a ‘bone density test’ – but you will not reduce your risk of weakened bones or hip fractures.

If you or someone you know is suffering with osteoporosis – be sure to watch this brief video (below) as Dr. Levy explains how calcium actually increases your risk for premature death.

Three ways to lower your risk for osteoporosis

1. Vitamin C – We’ve published many articles about vitamin C benefits. I, personally, take the LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric vitamin C – a few thousand mg. per day. But, each person has their own (individual) requirements based on toxic burden and other stress-related issues.

2. Magnesium is, often times, the real cause for age-related bone loss. And, according to natural health expert, Carolyn Dean, M.D., magnesium is “absolutely vital for maintaining proper bone health.”

3. Vitamin K has been described as the ‘missing link’ in solving calcium absorption issue. Vitamin K actually helps to keep calcium inside the bones and out of the arteries. You don’t want your arteries clogged with too much calcium.

Naturally, vitamin D, essential fatty acids, exercise plus a healthy diet will keep your bones healthy and strong – all the days of your life.

The bottom line – you can prevent, even reverse osteoporosis without the need for toxic drugs. Conventional medicine is not telling the whole truth about osteoporosis. Why are millions of people being given drugs for weakened bone structure? And, more importantly, how can we avoid this horrible disease?

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This is the kind of information that millions of people need to hear – especially physicians caring for people with osteoporosis.

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