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Bad science exposed within breast cancer research

(NaturalHealth365) Is it bad science; marketing deception or outright medical malpractice within the cancer industry? There is growing evidence that pharmaceutical-sponsored, breast cancer studies are producing fraudulent data. Honest researchers reveal that patient outcomes and adverse side effects of phase three clinical trials are being twisted to favor the drug companies – even when the results suggest serious problems with using these drugs.

Breast cancer patients must be told the truth

Researchers at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and University of Toronto Canada found that a third of all trials failed to show statistically significant benefit for the treatment under investigation. Instead the reports focused on other, less important, outcomes in order to influence positively the interpretation of the results. Does this sound like the right thing to do?

In two thirds of the reports, there was bias in the way adverse effects of the treatments were reported; serious side effects were poorly reported and too many people remain in the dark about the dangers of these treatment protocols. In fact, the reporting of breast cancer trials – in medical journals are riddled with “spin and bias”, according to Canadian doctors who investigated the data.

Do conventional oncologist realize they are being deceived by big pharma?

Sad, but true, many conventional physicians are heavily influenced by fraudulent studies and base their treatment protocols on drug company literature. Professor Ian Tannock, a medical oncologist at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto, identified all randomized controlled phase three clinical trials for breast cancer therapies published between January 1995 and August 2011. Guess what – out of a total of 568 articles – only 164 articles were more or less accurate.

Phase three clinical trials evaluate the efficiency and best dose for a given cancer treatment. This is the final stage, which a drug or therapy has to pass before treatment can be licensed for use in patients. Unfortunately, phase three trials primarily look at overall “survival rate” within a short period of time. Quality of life is rarely thought to be significant.

Would you bet your life on modern cancer research?

The simple truth is these bogus cancer studies trickle down to the doctor – who now give cancer patients an inaccurate report about the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments. Putting aside ethical issues – when doctors downplay the dangers of drug therapies – patients get a false sense of security and lose the incentive to look for alternatives.

Can we really blame the doctors? Most physicians have no idea what’s going on and it’s up to us to get informed. Taking responsibility for our own healthcare is the only way to go.

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