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Avoiding Memory Loss

I can’t stess this enough: It’s time we accept that memory loss does not have to be an accepted part of aging. With most health problems, there’s a physical component. For memory loss, and other symptoms that seem to affect the brain, it is likely to be the same.

A Familiar Culprit…

The common underlying cause of aging and disease is a familiar culprit… inflammation. And it’s also the cause of a poorly functioning brain. When you perform an autopsy on a person who suffered from dementia, there is clear evidence of inflammation in the brain tissue. This is called neurofibrillary degeneration and it actually looks like a fire swept through the brain.

So the question is… what triggers this inflammation? Well, the story is almost the same in every chronic illness. Inflammation is triggered by unnatural foods (overprocessing and additives), stress, lack of exercise, prescription medications, and toxic chemicals. Any or all could contribute to the body’s inflammatory response.

For example, the 30 known and accepted autoimmune disorders are caused by inflammation. These include rheumatoid arthritis, Type 1 diabetes, ulcerative colitis, and autoimmune thyroiditis. Fortunately, when a patient goes through positive lifestyle changes, this fiery inflammation is soothed and the symptoms of their autoimmune disorder can be partially or even completely resolved. And yes, the same is true for problems in the brain.

What to do?

Why not just use anti-inflammatory drugs? While it’s true these drugs can reduce your risk of brain problems or memory loss, they often do more damage than the inflammation itself.

For example, the class of drugs called NSAIDS—which includes Advil®—are the 16th leading cause of death in America. In fact, more than 100,000 people a year wind up in the hospital with intestinal bleeding caused by NSAIDS. Of those – 16,000 people die. That’s almost one in five.

Boost your brain—naturally

The good news is that the brain has extraordinary powers of healing. Remember, approximately 90% of your physical body becomes new again every six months because your cells die and new ones are formed. If you provide the right conditions, you can achieve astonishing results.

The first step is an anti-inflammatory diet. This includes nutrient-rich whole foods with less than 50% cooked foods. Patients enjoy fresh juices, steamed veggies, soups, and a number of super foods, all prepared in a tasty way they can ingest easily. They should also eliminate refined sugars, refined fats, and any packaged or processed foods.

The second step is taking supplements to build up your brain. These may include krill oil, an all-natural anti-inflammatory; vitamins typically lacking in the elderly like vitamins D, B6, folate, and B12; Coenzyme Q10 for improved cognitive function; and Phosphatidyl Serine for crucial brain nutrition. PS works best when combined with Omega-3 fatty acids, which is the way it’s offered in Ultimate Memory Formula™ (

The third step is removing heavy metals like mercury and lead from your body. Many leading-edge doctors and naturopaths can administer a DMSA challenge test to determine your heavy metal levels. Once you identify the metals, oral chelation with EDTA can slowly pull them out. A safe and effective choice for oral chelation is Advanced Artery Solution™ (

Here’s the story of a patient who achieved a stunning turnaround using many of these methods. Christine, age 81, was perceived to have a failing memory by her children. Neuropsychiatric and memory tests detected the early stages of dementia. Taking charge, her children employed an all-natural “brain-boosting” plan. When tests were performed again, Christine’s dementia had not progressed as expected. Instead, Christine had improved dramatically and regained a lost part of herself.

What else causes brain problems?

One trigger is toxins stored in your fat cells. The brain is nearly all fat making it perfect for toxic storage.

Other fat cells, especially the visceral adipose tissue (VAT) often seen on the belly of aging men, are known to produce cytokines and other chemicals that directly trigger the inflammation of heart disease and auto-immune disorders.

Poor digestion can also be a trigger for brain destroying inflammation. If you eat highly inflammatory foods, your immune system reacts to them dramatically in your gut and disrupts your digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients.

Hormone deficiency can also affect your brain. Patients with low thyroid, low testosterone, low estrogen, or low DHEA levels have improved mental function when they supplement with natural hormones. However, some people are able to correct their hormone imbalances through dietary changes alone. You’ll rarely find a raw vegan who is not happy and full of mental energy.

In fact, the patients who adopt a seriously healthy lifestyle experience astonishing improvements in their mental and psychological function. They become more alert, have better memory retention,a brighter mood, and a greater attention span. They feel more energetic and start sleeping better. Last but not least, often their joint pain goes away, their headaches go away, and they even lose weight.

Something you might not think of…

Did you know that negative emotions can have a destructive impact on your brain? The energy of negativity can be a real force upon your body. When you are continuously worried, thinking incessantly, or ruminating on the problems in the world, guess what you’re creating in your brain? You’re creating network of neuro-hormonal connections that reinforce a spiral of negativity that plays out in your mind over and over again.

The result? You’re basically creating your own mental toxins.

That’s why it’s important to generate positive thoughts and emotions as much as you possibly can. Just compare the healing energy of joy and peace to the destructive powers of hate and shame. Wouldn’t you agree that the happiest and most peaceful people are also the ones that look and feel the youngest?

So my advice is… stop entertaining thoughts associated with frustration or fear. Instead, stay engaged in anything that promotes freedom and peace of mind. Use friendships, pets, music, fun activities, or whatever it takes to get you there. You are not a victim of your thoughts—you are their creator as soon as you choose to be!

The “Brain Healing” Cleanse

To improve your brain function, you can use liquid cleansing and water fasting. These have been an integral part of natural medicine and hygienic medicine for more than 100 years.

Dr. Herbert Shelton (1895-1985), master of hygienic medicine, was one of the founders of the American Natural Hygiene Society. Dr. Shelton probably had more experience with fasting than anyone else who ever lived. It is estimated that he supervised more than 40,000 fasts. His greatest tool for assisting patients to reverse disease was to assist them to hydrate their body, while safely going without food for five to 30 days.

With my own patients, I have been amazed by how much liquid cleansing and water fasting improves their health. In almost every case, their skin improves, their joint pains diminish, their headaches vanish, and their energy levels increase.

But that’s not the half of it! Liquid cleansing and water fasting also helps improve blood pressure, alleviate allergies, promote weight loss, reduce depression and anxiety, enhance spiritual connectivity, and increase enthusiasm for life.

Remove the toxins from your entire body

When you undergo a liquid cleanse, the cells of nearly every tissue of your body undergo a molecular change. You’ll release waste materials that have multiplied in your body over the years, including chemical food additives, cosmetics, deodorants, and other unwanted molecules that have invaded your system.

Basically, a liquid cleanse evicts these uninvited visitors from the places in which they’re stored. It’s true you many experience symptoms such as loose stools, sweating, increased urination, mild weakness, or even fruity breath. Don’t worry—these are normal signs that cleansing is occurring.

A key player in the cleansing process is your liver. It chemically modifies unsafe molecules so they can either be utilized or eliminated by your body. Healthy liver is absolutely essential for optimum health. Otherwise, your body socks toxins and pollutants away in the fat of your organs.

That includes the fat in your brain—and that’s not good. Think of the liver as a vacuum. When a vacuum gets a clogged suction hose or the filter bag is full, it can’t clean well because it’s so congested. That’s what happens with a poorly functioning liver and that’s why a liquid cleanse is so important—to clean out your liver and your entire body, and your brain.

Memory loss does not have to be a normal part of aging. It is possible to take control of your health and your brain, as we discussed here. So don’t just sit back and let your senior years disappear. Enjoy them and remember a lifetime of memories.