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Astaxanthin prevents cellular damage and disease

(NaturalHealth365) Astaxanthin, is one of the most amazing plant pigments – widely researched for its strong immune boosting capabilities. Studies reveal that astaxanthin is capable of enhancing antibody production, amplifying natural killer cell activity and acting as a potent anti-aging antioxidant. At sufficient levels, astaxanthin can dramatically decrease DNA damage and protect your cells from premature death.

Where do we find astaxanthin?

This valuable nutrient is a fat-soluble red pigment from the carotenoid family – just like betacarotene, lycopene, and lutein. It can be found in plants but predominantly in marine organisms like, algae and wild salmon.

Many studies point to astaxanthin playing a photosynthetic and photo-protective role within the body. The marine algae H. pluvialis is nature’s most concentrated and primary source of astaxanthin and the pigment is produced as a response to stress. Astaxanthin also occurs as a secondary source, in some fish like salmon, that feed on the algae and accumulate the pigment inside their cells – which creates that pinkish hue to their skin.

Why is astaxanthin special?

Astaxanthin has gained importance due to its immune-modulating effects and potent ability to neutralize free radical activity. This reduction in free radicals will dramatically reduce inflammation – one of the primary causes of disease.

If you want to keep your skin looking good – be sure to consume plenty of astaxanthin. In fact, according to most natural health experts, every cell in the body – including the brain, heart, kidney and eyes – can benefit from this red pigment.

Clinical studies have suggested that astaxanthin supports joint and tendon health; health skin during UV and sun exposure; eye and brain health; plus improve your ability to recover from physical activity.

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Are you suffering from arthritis or any other inflammatory health condition? Then, I strongly recommend that you watch this brief (video) summary – below – about the health benefits of astaxanthin – produced by Suzy Cohen, one of America’s leading pharmacist.

Do you know someone suffering from cognitive decline or memory issues?

A recent 2012 study has confirmed that consuming 12 mg per day, of astaxanthin, enhanced cognitive health and learning scores among healthy middle-aged and elderly subjects that suffered from age-related forgetfulness. This ‘super-antioxidant’ is a must for every human being – especially those suffering with brain-related health issues, body aches and pains or immune-compromised issues.

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