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Arthritis Pain Relief Without Medicine

If you want to fight the pain of arthritis without medication, scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill think they have the answer. They have discovered an effective way to significantly improve and manage arthritis pain without taking pills.

The magic, do-it-yourself treatment is regular exercise.

“(Our) study showed that (an) exercise program is suitable for every fitness level, even inactive older individuals,” says researcher Leigh Callahan. “Many people believe the myth that exercise exacerbates their symptoms. The truth revealed in the study is that symptoms improved with exercise.”

Exercising for joint health is different than exercising for heart health. People living with arthritis don’t have to get sweaty to help their condition. A basic eight-week activity program developed by the Arthritis Foundation consists of low-impact routines with gentle range-of-motion movements that can be done while sitting or standing. You can order a DVD of the program here.

“Even minor lifestyle changes like taking a 10-minute walk three times a day can reduce the impact of arthritis on a person’s daily activities and help to prevent developing more painful arthritis,” explains Patience White, M.D., chief public health officer of the Arthritis Foundation. “Physical activity can actually reduce pain naturally and decrease dependence on pain medications.”