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Build Health: Want To Prevent Diabetes?

To prevent diabetes you will get a real jolt when you follow the

prescription offered up in the “Journal of the American Medical Association.”

This ‘prestigious’ organization reported on separate studies of coffee drinkers in Sweden and Finland.

Whiz-bang medical researchers discovered that women could decrease their risk of diabetes by 29 percent when they followed a regimen of drinking three to four cups of coffee a day.


Build Health: Want To Prevent Alzheimer's?

Build Health: Want To Prevent Alzheimer's?

Copyright 2004 William R. Quesnell

For one option to prevent Alzheimer's, the progressive memory loss and mental deterioration associated with brain damage, you can try this:

Place blind faith in the conventional research establishment, an outfit that for 40 years has been hot on the trail of a cure for cancer, but has come up empty. Here's their present focus: