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PPC is an e-marketing strategy, which enables you to get instant results. If you advertise your website on PPC search engines then you will get the desired traffic and the required results immediately. You will not have to wait long to see good results. The best part is you can stop PPC ads any time you want. You can test different keywords through this medium. This marketing strategy does not require well designed websites, just requires strong keywords. You can bid on large amount of keywords and can try out keyword variations.


Subtle Persuasion

To say something or to state something in a few words is what a press release is all about. It could be short but has to say everything that needs to be said. Today we have debates on whether our ‘blogs are the new press releases’. Press releases have their own identity and a blog cannot replace a press release. Press releases follow a certain pattern and a certain norm as compared to a blog, which big organizations find reliable.


Press Release

By definition a press release is simply content prepared for distribution to the media. Simply said - the content should be useful, accurate and interesting. Press releases generally follow a standard format. ‘You have to be seen to be heard’ is the norm. Therefore for your press release to get filtered with the best you have to have a catchy and powerful headline. Who wants to read the same stuff?


Graphics & Animation

Definition: Graphic Design has been around as long as man has been making marks; first on stone canyons or dry earth, now ephemerally and globally on the World Wide Web. Graphic Designers work designing print, environmental (signage systems) or electronic forms of visual information, as for an advertisement, publication, or website. All this is managed by a skillful use and understanding of type, color, and image and sound to create visual solutions to communications problems.


Blog Writing

‘Blog writing’ is successfully making a mark in the industry today. A Blog as we all know is a personal chronological log of thoughts which are published on a web page, hence are also known as Weblog.

A Blog is an extremely interesting piece of writing. It helps people express their innermost thoughts, personal experiences, hobbies, and can be even maintained as an online journal. What makes a Blog different from any other form of writing is that they are written by people ‘for’ people. Without inhibitions; one can express their thoughts freely.


Blog on blog

A blog are your personal thoughts, you could write on anything. But yes it’s read. They are personal just till you click on the ‘send’ or the ‘submit’. It is personal only when it’s in your mind and your computer, as soon as it gets online they are read by hundreds if not thousands. But that should not stop you or deter you from expressing yourself freely. A blog gives you the platform and provides you with that ‘personal space’ on the net. You have your own space to tell the world or the online audience your innermost thoughts and feelings.