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Heart Diseases: Heart attack, the most common heart disease II

A heart attack, which is the most common consequence of a heart disease, can be recognized not only by three symptoms in the previous article mentioned, but also be recognized by other warning signs, such as unusual chest, stomach or abdominal pain, nausea or dizziness, cold sweat or paleness, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, weakness or fatigue, palpitations, and unexplained anxiety. 

It is very important to be calm when a relative, friend or person has a heart attack, since you will have to know what to do if something like this happens.


Heart Diseases: Heart attack, the most common heart disease

A heart attack is a sudden serious medical condition in which someone’s heart stops working, causing them great pain. It is the most common of the heart diseases and occurs when blood flow to the heart and part of it is blocked, often by a blood clot, which is a thick almost solid mass formed when blood dries.

Diabetes: Alzheimer's and Diabetes Could Be Linked Diseases II

The group of researchers from Brown University Medical School analyzed, in the frontal part of the brain, one of the major area affected by Alzheimer's, insulin and insulin receptor function.

The team discovered that the levels of insulin receptors and the brain's ability to respond to insulin decreased as the severity of Alzheimer's increased.

According to the experts, insulin receptors were nearly 80 percent lower than in a normal brain in the most advanced stage of Alzheimer's. 


Diabetes: Alzheimer's and Diabetes Could Be Linked Diseases I

According to a new study, diabetes and Alzheimer's diseases are more related than everybody thought. Some researchers believe that Alzheimer's could be a form of diabetes, because findings show that insulin production in the brain declines as Alzheimer's disease advances.

Depression: Also Man Can Be Affected By Depression

Family life can be destroyed by a serious depression as well as the life of the ill person. Most people with a depressive disease do not look for treatment when they suffer depression, because they do not want to be treated or even because they are not aware of their disease. The most important thing is that depression — even the extremely severe — may be treated.


Depression: Can Dolphins Relieve Depression Symptoms?

There are various treatments for depression but this one can be not only original, but also effective. Swimming with dolphins can be an effective therapy for depression according to a research carried out in Honduras. It was known that these animals had healing properties for other diseases but not alleviating depression.

Under support of biophilia theory, which shows how human health and wellbeing are dependent on our relationships with the natural environment, the research showed that swimming with dolphins is an effective treatment for mild to moderate depression.


Children Depression: Medication Is Not Always A Panacea

Medication is not always a panacea in depression treatment of adults and children, although is very usefull in severe cases. But antidepressant drugs are a dangerous matter when they are diagnosed to a child. 

After being evaluated by a psychiatrist specialized in children treatment, a depressed child shall follow the treatment diagnosed by him.


Diabetes: Diabetogenic Environments

Western society is referred to as diabetogenic, places where people have easy access to high fat, high calorie foods and others, these ones do not have to work hard or to walk to get this kind of products.

Many doctors suggest that diabetes may be reduced by societal changes; they argued that inactivity and energy abundance in “diabetogenic” societies confer a reproductive advantage to men and women that are able to cope with the lifestyle that they live.

Depression: Are Antidepressants The Best Choice? (Part Two)

Antidepressants are the best stimulus in the process to empower depressed people to have positive thinking and raise themselves esteem, because at the beginning it is quite difficult to think about and do this. Taking anti-depressants helps a lot of people to shift their moods and then these medications give them the possibility to work on other therapies.

Antidepressants work by slowing the removal of neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and norepinephrine, from the brain.


Diabetes: blood pressure risks in diabetics people

The major concern in diabetics people with high blood pressure (130/80 mmHG or more), it is the risk developing a heart disease, specifically to suffer a heart attack –last researches pointing that sixty five percent of deaths in diabetics people are heart attacks- in the other hand people with low blood pressure might suffer a damage in the nerves that supply blood vessels, the symptoms might be: faintness, anxiety, dizziness, among others.