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Can Allergies Make You Fat by Jane Thurnell-Read

One of the curious facts about people with food allergies is that they often appear to be addicted to the very food that is causing their problem. "How can that be doing me harm? I feel better when I eat it," they will say, as they crave foods that may give them irritable bowel syndrome, eczema or asthma. It may even contribute to bingeing and an inability to control food intake. Food allergies can make it difficult for you to stick to a diet. They can lead you to feel hungry most of the time.

What Is Kinesiology?

To an uninformed onlooker what happens in a kinesiology session seems beyond belief. Because many of the techniques and procedures used interact with the body’s subtle energy system rather than the physical body, they often appear bizarre and even laughable. When they come back for their second appointment, some clients tell me that they left the first session feeling that they had totally wasted their money, but that the improvement in their health and sense of well being speaks for itself.