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From dehydration and diet to tumors and aneurysms, there are many causes for headaches – do you know which kind are cause for concern?

If you’re lucky, you’ve only had occasional headaches. But most people are so used to having headaches that they’ve simply become part of their normal day.

How non-sugar sweeteners affect your health: A look at the research

A lot of people have an appetite for sugar. Studies have shown that the body’s response to sugary food starts even before it enters the body, with the brain firing on all cylinders to excite the reward circuit and produce dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates pleasure and reward.

The SMEAR MACHINE known as fake news CNN is hard at work trying to destroy Jim Jordan… here’s how it works

To be sure, there are fewer members of Congress who are bigger patriots and have higher ethical standards than Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, but because he’s so pro-America and so effective at what he does, he’s been targeted by the Deep State smear machine now that he’s announced his intention to try and replace Paul Ryan as speaker.