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“I don’t give a **** if we agree about climate change.”

It was just over a year ago that Arnold Schwarzenegger posted the above words. Though climate change is an important subject which is bearing down on the entire human race, an issue that in the future will kill an unlimited amount of human beings, the back side of the subject is already killing millions of people every year.

How Therapeutic Use of Full-Spectrum Light Can Improve Your Health

By Dr. Mercola

Photobiology is the therapeutic use of light to improve health. In this interview, Dr. Alexander Wunsch, one of the leading experts in photobiology, explains the historical significance of photobiology.

I recently interviewed him about the dangers of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. That interview has nearly three-quarter of a million views at this point. If you haven't seen it already, please take a look, as that interview went into some very practical, real world aspects of photobiology.

New Method Helps Plants to Naturally Defend Themselves from Pests and Disease

Though it’s not as widely publicized as the effects of climate change, crop diseases are one of the biggest threats to food security. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, roughly 20-40 percent of the world’s crops are lost to pests and diseases each year.

Scientists have been experimenting with alternatives to conventional pesticides and thanks to a newly developed gene-silencing technique, farmers might be able to strengthen their crops’ defense systems without any potential gene-altering fallout.

How Long Will the DEA and FDA Continue to Ignore How Cannabis Ravages Cancer Cells? This Video Will Blow Your Mind!

Believe it or not, marijuana actually has a long-standing use in Native American traditional medicine and was considered a cure-all in the early days of modern western medicine.

In fact, the plant was only outlawed from hospitals and doctor’s offices in the mid-1900s.

Thankfully, marijuana is gaining more and more traction in the United States as a respected medicinal treatment. Many people have even come forward with testimonies of having cured themselves of cancer thanks to the powerful plant.

Indoor Air Pollution Prevention and Protection

Breathing in polluted air introduces toxins into every cell of the body within moments.

Indoor air in the United States can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outdoors. Understanding air pollution and its effects on the human body is the first step to making choices that will help people lead healthier lives. Imagine living in a home filled with clean air, so much so that it reduces some of the recurring symptoms related to air pollution:

New stem cell technique shows promise for bone repair

A recent study, affiliated with UNIST has developed a new method of repairing injured bone using stem cells from human bone marrow and a carbon material with photocatalytic properties, which could lead to powerful treatments for skeletal system injuries, such as fractures or periodontal disease.

This research has been jointly conducted by Professor Youngkyo Seo of Life Sciences and Dr. Jitendra N. Tiwari of Chemistry in collaboration with Professor Kwang S. Kim of Natural Science, Professor Pann-Ghill Suh of Life Sciences, and seven other researchers from UNIST.

Powering Off Parkinson's Disease

Inserting a metal rod into the brain, scientists have used deep brain stimulation to treat Parkinson's - Treatment is also being explored for use in Alzheimer's

Medical researchers have found that it is possible to treat Parkinson's by inserting a metal rod directly into the brain. This rod stimulates the brain and alleviates the symptoms of Parkinson's. Researchers believe this treatment might even help those afflicted with Alzheimer's, epilepsy, bipolar disorder and depression.

How to Reduce Exposure to Toxic Xenoestrogens

Overexposure to xenoestrogens, which are environmental estrogen-like compounds, can lead to estrogen dominance, a condition that negatively impacts your mental, physical and emotional health. Although xenoestrogens are everywhere, and complete avoidance is impossible, you can markedly lower your estrogen levels by purging the top culprits found in your home and replacing them with the healthier options listed below.

Products to Purge:

-Plastic (water bottles, food containers, cling wrap, cutlery etc.)

-Styrofoam plates and cups